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CMS Website Development - Joomla

Websites developed on the Joomla! platform, ranging from version 1.0.x to current version 3.4.x. (Note that in recent years the vast majority of our work has been subcontracted, much of which we are unable to display. That does not diminish, however, our capability. On the contrary, the fact that developers hire us indicates that we are awesome!) 🙂

Business Listing and Portal for Virtual Business Owners
A complex membership website developed using Joomla! and multiple extensions to manage memberships, subscriptions and business directory. Also features a private document repository for specific membership levels.
Wheres My Garage
A Joomla! 3.x membership-based business listing site. Responsive design with a comprehensive business directory and member forums.
PowerTALK International
A major Joomla! renovation. Migration from version 1.5 to 3.x and to new server. Migration of 4,000+ members, 1,000+ documents into new repository, custom template, site is e-commerce enabled, has integrated document management system and membership management tools, plus many more cool features.
Small Biz Connection
Membership site for small businesses. Includes comprehensive business directory, classifieds, social connections and more. Joomla 2.5 (site is currently undergoing upgrade, so may be down from time to time through early 2016.)
Precision Tree & Landscaping, Inc.
Joomla install 1.x upgraded to 2.5, subsequently taken down as business has closed.

Joomla Subcontract Projects

Just a few of the recent projects we have completed that we are unable to show, but we can describe for you. Subcontract means that we were hired by another web developer to complete either a portion of or an entire web project as a part of their team.

Joomla Upgrade and Shopping Cart Migration
Contracted to upgrade an existing Joomla site, upgrade template to Joomla 3.x standards, migrate 2,400+ items from Virtuemart 1.x to Hikashop and customize new cart layout to resemble old site layout.
Joomla Migration and Integration
Joomla! project migrating data from old Wordpress to new Joomla! platform including: Custom template coding PSD to HTML Joomla! template, upgrade of Menalto gallery from Vers. 1 to Vers. 2, integration of Menalto gallery with custom template to coordinate with Joomla!, installation and customization of mail list to coordinate with Joomla! template, migrate old users to new platform; event registration and member subscription and management component, + custom user manual.