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Have a WordPress Site? SECURE IT!

Is your website a Wordpress site? This fall seems to have been a field day for Wordpress hackers. Even with good security, several of my clients' sites were hacked. What can you do about it? Realistically, you can't stop the bad guys. Hackers are a unique group of...

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A standards-compliant website is one that adheres to specific rules and standards in order to create the greatest level of accessibility possible to everyone. A standards-compliant website separates the actual site content from the site style and design, which...

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Meta tags are identifying “hidden” html tags within the code of your web pages. These tags identify your page title, your key words, site description, author and sometimes instruct search engines to return at a specific time to re-index your site. It is sometimes...

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10 Steps to Planning a Great Website!

Proper planning for your website is crucial to building an effective website for your business or purpose. Some initial basic questions to consider are:   Who is your target audience?   What is the purpose of your site - your ultimate goal?   Determining your budget...

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